"What Victoria means to you?"

was a topic given in an Art Education class I took at UVic.
Among overflowing images of Empress Hotel and the Parliament building, a classmate from Calgary drew a pin-up girl on a surfboard; her name was Vicky.

 He proudly presented his work to the class.
"This is my appreciation to all the beautiful ladies in Victoria."
While he went on to rant a bit about how girls back home never wear high heels or wearing sweat pants all the time, I was left thinking about this girl, Vicky.

Victoria is not a city where you find awesome career opportunity and just move to. It's a city you can fall in love. Yes, people move here for love. How amazing is that?
After all the years I spent in this town. I sigh at the beauty of Inner Harbour every time I go there on sunny days and in the evening.

I figured everyone has their own Vicky they fell in love with.
Is she Inner Harbour or beautiful beaches? Is she all the passengers on the bus thanking the drivers as they get off or UVic bunnies you don't see anymore?

I launched Hey Vicky to show my appreciation and love for local culture.
It's amazing how people value local culture support going local.
I guess this is my answer to what Victoria means to me.

In the end, thank you all the people who took your time to join this project.
You just proved my point; you are awesome!

Hey Vicky